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Did anyone ever teach you to listen to... YOU?

You might have seen me over on Instagram (@selfforhelp) harping on about how to cope with the things that life throws at you.

Seen me?

I thought so!

Right… Well, firstly, I would like to say that I don’t harp on about anything, I impart great knowledge and wisdom 😉

Haha! I am playing with you! Let me get back to the point…

Supporting yourself through the journey of life is as hard as your upbringing has made it. Society and systems do not make it easy. They don’t pay enough attention in schools to life lessons, emotional literacy, and development. And so, it is up to our primary caregivers to teach us.

The problem with that is, our primary caregivers are likely to have grown up in those same systems and don’t know how to manage their own lives, let alone teach you how to manage yours.

Most of us go through life with parts of us crying out for help and support. Feeling lonely even when surrounded by an army of people. (I will let you in on a little secret, I should be launching a book on this subject in the not too distant future).

We reach out to everyone possible for help and support. Some of us manage to get adequate mental health help that is able to guide us and support us. But most of us have no clue what we are looking for or what we need, so we end up getting support from people who do more damage than good.

We feel like no one understands us, and even though there are people in our lives that might be able to provide a source of comfort, their comfort never feels good enough.

That is because we are missing the golden nugget!

Well, it's not exactly missing, but we aren’t looking at it, that’s for sure…

Any guesses as to what it might be?

Alright, I'll just tell you… it's you!

Did you hear that? YOU NEED YOU!

Our bodies and minds hold 99% of the secrets to what we need to get through the situations we encounter in life, yet we are not taught that. Thus, we don’t listen to them.

And what happens when we don’t listen…. They start to scream and shout uncontrollably, making things worse.

And remember those feelings of not being understood and being “unhelpable”? Well, a lot of that is centred inside you.

By this, I mean that those feelings are messages from your body and mind. They want you to take the time to understand them, to take the time to help them yourself. As well as the help and support from those around you. They also need you to be willing to change (even though they make it hard for you).

There is strength in numbers, right? So that means it is going to take you, the people closest to you, and possibly professional support from time to time, to complete your “coping with life army”. Just remember, not to forget the most important part – YOU.

Want to learn more about what you can do to find out what your body and mind needs? Check out my posts on my Instagram page @selfforhelp

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