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Looking for clinical supervision?

There are a number of ways you can work with me as your clinical supervisor. I offer 1-2-1, group, ad hoc, and membership based supervision. For information about 1-2-1, group, and ad hoc sessions, continue reading below and click the buttons under expectations for enquires about available days and time slots.


My membership based supervision offers monthly clinical supervision, CPD modules, clinical handouts and clinical discussion sessions. You can find out more about that here. 

Supervision with me

I am a BACP accredited counsellor, practising for over 10 years. I trained integratively, and have also done additional training in child and adolescent schools counselling, solution focused therapy, and sensorimotor psychotherapy. I have worked in a range of counselling settings including universities, schools, colleges, and charities. I am media trained, and have experience working in TV and film and social media. At present, I am also a trainee supervisor, using a mix of the seven eyed and the functions models of supervision.

The seven eyed model of supervision helps to gain insight into the relationships between the supervisee and: 

  • Their client 

  • Their supervisor (parallel process)

  • The organisations they work for 

  • Their interventions with their client

  • The therapeutic relationship

It also considers both client (what they bring to session) and supervisor (what comes up for them during supervision) material. All of this is then looked at in relation to the therapeutic work and how to support it, the counsellor and the client. 

The functions model focuses on the 3 main functions of supervision being: 

Normative - Monitoring and evaluation 

Formative - developing the supervisee’s knowledge and skills 

Restorative - Positive regard, support and validation 

By mixing the two, over the course of our supervisory journey, I believe we will be able to support both you and your client's needs.

A little bit about your sessions

Each session will usually begin with a brief check in of your personal wellbeing and then the floor is yours! Supervision is your time to explore the work you are doing with your clients and we will do this collaboratively.

Supervision expectations

Expectations of supervisee

  • Prepare for supervision

  • Bring & rotate a variety of your clients

  • Always bring clients with risk of harm / safeguarding issues 

  • Keep appropriate notes and records of supervision sessions

  • Give notice of cancellation

  • Notify of leave / pauses in work / intent to end / any changes in practice

  • Keep updated with training & CPD

  • To keep a clinical will 

  • Have relevant insurance in place 

  • To work within, and be aware of their ethical guidelines

Prices start from £40

Expectations of me as your supervisor

  • Work within Supervisee’s code of ethics 

  • Fulfil the functions of supervision (normative, formative, supportive)

  • Work within competence & signpost as appropriate

  • Provide a verbal / written review (e.g., annually)

  • Provide references / confirmation of supervision as required 

  • Adhere to boundaries of confidentiality / safeguarding

Prices start from £40

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