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For over 14 years, Aisha has helped countless people in the UK transform their lives and find inner peace and happiness through her work as a counsellor, by fostering a deeper connection with themselves. More recently, she has expanded her reach globally with her internationally sold self-help book, What The Hell is Life???.

Now, leveraging her extensive experience, Aisha empowers women worldwide with the tools to navigate life's challenges and cultivate inner peace and happiness through her signature coaching course.

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Get ish done
Group coaching programme 

Do you feel stuck, stressed, overwhelmed? Know you want to make changes in your life but have so many ideas that you don't know which one to start with? Maybe you have an idea but it just feels so big that you don't know where to start? 

My signature group programme "Get ish done" will help you go from stuck and confused to having purpose and direction. 

Join me and women just like you as we embark on a 6 week journey of emotional and mental clarity. 

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Do you sit and wonder about your life? Wonder about how you got to be where you are today?

Maybe you experienced some trauma growing up and want to learn how to master its impact, giving you the freedom to achieve your wildest dreams.

My signature group therapeutic coaching course "Be the best you" will help you go from coasting through life on autopilot and striding through with confidence and purpose, armed with all the tools you need to get past and through the challenges of life. 

Join me and women just like you as we embark on a 10 week journey of self discovery. 

Be the best you
Group coaching programme


Vikki, Kent

Before doing a life planning session with Aisha I was struggling with what direction to take in life. I felt confused and frustrated. Through our work together, I learnt I was avoiding dealing with me. My work with Aisha allowed to face that fear in a non-intimidating way. After working with Aisha I felt at peace knowing exactly how to tackle my issues. Aisha was able to relate experiences to mine and guided me gently to the cause of my frustration. Thank you! I immediately took action and haven’t looked back since


Katie, Ireland

When I first started coaching, I was very confused. I didn't know what I was doing with life, really. And I felt like I had all these ideas and like different things I wanted to do. But I couldn't organise like what I should be doing first or anything.

The group session that we had, was interesting. I feel like everybody was so awkward, and like nervous to say anything or to answer anything at first. But it was also nice because we were all doing it together for the first time. But I think, once we got into it, it was a lot easier to actually, like, be open and honest. And things like that, you know, we weren't afraid of getting judged or anything. So that was good.

I never heard of a life coach I don't think before the show. And I would highly, highly recommend, like having you as a coach to anybody. And whether it's for something small, whether it's for just you want to get your confidence up just having somebody accountable or to give you different perspectives on how you see things or whatever. And, you know, making anything possible. It's amazing. So, I can't wait to continue working with you.


Chanika, London

I think one of the things I struggled with the most whilst in the house is my anxiety. It's funny, I come across quite confident. But I am quite an anxious person. So to open up and express feelings to a stranger, and within a short amount of time and in a group setting is something that I struggled with a bit. You definitely immediately put me at ease. The fact that you can tell that you're knowledgeable, you know what you're talking about, and you're able to kind of help me work through how I'm feeling at times. I definitely knew that I was in safe hands and the ability to trust you allowed me to open up.

The biggest thing I wanted to get out of coaching was self-belief. I can doubt myself a lot, I put myself down a lot. And I really struggle with taking compliments. So it's kind of working to not procrastinate and not put myself off of doing things and kind of just going for opportunities when they arise... I couldn't do it and from speaking with you I was able to unravel those emotions and answer the questions I had with myself as to why I thought I wasn't able to do it. And very quickly shut down that notion and realize that  "you know what I can" and I just have to at least try. Every time I did just go for it, the results were outstanding. Definitely made myself proud.

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1:1 coaching

Group coaching not your thing? Why not consider 1:1 coaching, just me and you! 
I will warn you, though, that these sessions are intense! But they will get you where you need to be! 

Through monthly sessions, I will work with you towards a desired goal (and as many as you want until you feel satisfied). The first session will always be an understanding and planning session, where we will look at the areas of your life that need support and development. From then on, each session will cover your accomplishments and any bumps in the road to keep you on track and ensure your goal is still the right fit for you.

There will be monthly tasks and homework to keep you on track, as well as accountability and an entire library of tools to help you manage things like low self-confidence, anxiety, lack of motivation, and more! 

Fancy giving 1:1 coaching a try, click the button below to enquire.

*Prices start from £85 an hour


What is coaching?

Coaching is a process of helping individuals with a focus in the here and now.

It helps individuals be able to flourish in their day to day life through specific steps that's are supported by an experienced professional.

Coaching focuses on practically working towards a specific goal as apposed to therapeutically process your experiences (which is what counselling will help you do).

Want to find out what support is right for you?

Click the link below to send me an email to tell me a bit about yourself and book in a 15 minute support assessment call

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