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Hi! I am Aisha. I am a Counsellor, Coach and Author based in the UK. I have had dreams of helping others since I was 11 years old, after struggling with managing my own emotions and experiences throughout my childhood. Now, I use my passion for learning and writing to help me do exactly that!

I fell in love with written words from a young age when my head was never found too far from a book. I first started writing in primary school, where I would write songs to help me process my emotions and experiences.

Since then, I have worked for over 11 years as a counsellor, and I am constantly inspired by the (often unknown) strength of everyone I come into contact with. 

Now, I help transform the lives of others through coaching, counselling, workshops, training, and books.

When I am not writing or helping others, I enjoy singing, dancing, and painting. 




virtual or in person training
Virtual counselling
Group coaching
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